Heroes and villains come together to unite against Deadpool.
Way to be a dick Gandalf….

Way to be a dick.


Fake Pockets: A How To


when the screen goes dark and u see ur reflection



Hannibal & Night Watch crossover.

Hannibal is the Head of Washington DC State Day Watch. But Will is the ordinary sentinel of Night Watch, he investigate crimes in Twilight and Reality. Crawford is the Head of the State Night Watch

Sentinel Graham starts investigation and take personal attention from Head of the Day Watch, which is surely eats human and even other sentinels, and not only flesh but the energy as well. 
Cross-over with other stuff like that, twilight deer and so on.

And Will said - Night Watch! Come out of the Twilight! - and then he feels the great energy swirl. From the center of it Hanny appears, glance on Will and raise his eyebrow.


Gatomon Gijinka


Polar bear cub climbing his mother [video]